About us

Who we are

Vinci Capital is an Polish investment firm operating out of Warsaw, Poland. The company invests in a wide variety of industries, including telecommunications, hospitality and education. A majority of investments focus on Poland, while some are international in scope.

Vinci Capital invests in small and medium-sized companies with high growth potential, while occasionally funding start-ups at the seed level.

We are always on the lookout for new investment opportunities.

Mission, Vision, Strategy

To create value for our investments.

The creation of a stable investment vehicle with diverse interests, built on a foundation of solid business principles.

We focus on national and international projects with high growth potential. We prefer long-term investments, built on lasting business relationships.

Our Team

Janusz Arciszewski

Janusz took part in some of the largest transactions on the Polish telecom market. He built the most innovative telecom network in Poland, being the first in the country to offer triple-play services as CEO of Aster City Cable sp. z o.o. from 1999 and then Executive Chairman of the Aster Group in the years 2003-2011. He previously worked in the hotel industry in New York, acting as VP Operations for a large national hotel chain. With over a dozen transactions under his belt, Janusz is responsible for the overall strategy of Vinci Capital and for investor relations.

Emilia Arciszewska

Emilia is a graduate of Boston College’s Carroll School of Management, and holds an MBA from IE Business School in Madrid. Emilia worked in various financial instituions over the years in New York, London and Madrid. In 2012, Emilia, together with two colleagues, launched a social enterprise focused on online home decor from the Philippines. Since receiving her MBA, Emilia has joined Vinci Capital full time, where she focuses on sales and marketing challenges within existing investments, as well as scoping new investments in the firms core industries.

Krzysztof Arciszewski

Krzysztof is a graduate of New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business, as well as University of Oxford’s St. Antony’s College. He worked as a management consultant at Capgemini US LLC at their New York headquarters in the TME group (Telecom, Media and Entertainment), realizing projects in Strategy and Operations. Involved in venture capital since 2011, Krzysztof is responsible for projects in education, as well as for new investments.

Daniel Łazuga

Daniel is a graduate of the University of Warsaw and the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH). He spent several years as a business analyst in the publishing and education sectors, while later focusing on commercial real estate. He has been with Vinci Capital since 2012. Besides implementing financial controls across numerous portfolio companies, Daniel is also responsible for business process optimisation.